Landscape, Lipstick #2

Landscape, Lipstick #2

In ‘Landscape, Lipstick #2’, a woman goes to an open space near the sea. Ebb and flood, the woman goes back and forwards. She remembers what a Swedish man once said: “I want to catch your drops of sweat with a straw.”

concept / directed / edited: Liesbeth Marit
performer: Sara Claes, Örjan Gil
camera: Liesbeth Marit
music: Peter Smeekens

non-spoken / length: 4' 52” / format: 4:3 / color-black&white / 2009



Solo show, Cultural Centre, Halle


Shown as STILLS, lightboxes:


The choice of Guy Van Bossche, with Charlotte Lybeer, Indian Caps, Antwerp

Solo show, CCBelgica, Dendermonde