Landscape, Lipstick #1

Screening at the Vooruit, Ghent

Landscape, Lipstick #1

The setting of ‘landscape, lipstick #1’ is simple. A modern building in rough nature. An exploring protagonist. Story time: from dawn till dusk. What is brewing under the skin is not so easily told. A story of a woman looking for peace and herself. Initially she feels awkward. Driven by a threatening soundtrack she starts a dialogue with the isolated space. Her language is that of dance and is inherent to her relation with the fickle building. Because, how does one embrace space?

concept / directed / edited: Liesbeth Marit
performer: Ine Claes
camera: Kurt Augustyns
music: Mirvlir


non-spoken / length: 13' 14” / format: 4:3 / color / 2008



Frictiesvenster, VOORUIT Arts Centre, Ghent

Solo show, Cultural Centre, Halle


Shown as STILLS, lightboxes:

Solo show, CCBelgica, Dendermonde