as is

as is

a short fragment, out of




15 min - 16:9 - color - Belgium © 2013


I made AS IS during a residency in an art deco villa. In the basement, which looked like an underground café, there was an old gas lamp on a small table. The setting sun penetrated through a window.  The ray of light shone right into the lamp. Some leaves at the window swayed gently and made the light flicker, as if the lamp itself was lit. A few minutes earlier or later, I would have missed this magical picture.

It was recorded on 02.08.2013, from 18h56 till 19h11.


A video by Liesbeth Marit
Fieldrecording / Sound by Bram Bosteels





Mind the Gap Nights, WORM, International Film Festival Rotterdam (NL)



The White House Gallery, Leuven